Por causa dos ilusionistas é que hoje em dia muita gente acredita que poesia é truque...

Mario Quintana - Sapato Florido, 1948.

domingo, 17 de março de 2013


Every word
– even those
sometimes hidden
by hypocrisy

– has its place,
function and time.

None should be left out, when
whispered by your heart.

Every word
deserves to be spoken
or written,
whenever Truth
is to be told.

Fearless must we be
once standing before them:

Afertall, no one knows when
they’ll be the weapon needed
beyond Reason – on the front line!

However, remember to be truthful.

Being truthful, we’ll know
each one horror, desire and time
to be what they really are:

Either a hoax letter leaf
or a blessed awesome star!

*Jairo De Britto, in “English Poems”

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